Shumway, Nola Shumway.

Nola Shumway is an eight year old girl who serves as President Obama’s right hand (little) girl. She’s feisty, crazy, funny, adorable, and above all, cutthroat.
The following blog is a written account of her adventures. Over her short life Nola has dined with heads of state, taken in a ballet with Kim Jong Il, dealt with the banking crisis, cheered the Great Depression, and most recently was mucking about in the New testament trying to find ‘Gay Jesus’.
In this blog you will find stories about Nola, as well as notes written by Nola. I think it’s best to read oldest to newest, as Nola is quite the complex individual- it’s better to get a handle on her from the beginning.
Please enjoy, and if you do, please share this link with friends.

LaTisha Conto for the incomparable Nola Shumway

P.s. Nola made me say that. She’s a brat, that one.

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